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The Sorting Hat September 1, 2011

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Or communist China.  Kind of similar I suppose. Both check the abilities of the child and place them in extra classes based on their abilities or needs.

The end of last school year they tested all the 1st graders to figure out where they belong.  I guess it is kind of a benchmarking thing that lets them know which children are falling thru the cracks, or which children could potentially be bored.  We got letters over the summer to let us know if our child was accepted to one of these “extra” programs.

Classes start next week and the kids are starting to talk.  “So and so is it QUEST, it is WAY HARDER than REACH”, etc. (REACH is the gifted program. QUEST is a one year program to groom them for REACH. )

Only thing about this sorting is, no hat is yelling out the results.


Conversation with a Seven Year Old August 26, 2011

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Night before last at bedtime, T was saying his prayers.  He prayed for Barley and Al: our dead dog and cat.  T prayed that God would bring Barley and Al back to earth.  I told him that is probably not going to happen.  He said “Mom the Bible says that Jesus will come back to earth. I’m just asking Him to bring them with Him when he comes.”

Sometimes, I think my seven year old out smarts me….